Megan Sass


My Links


If you want to get to read my writing, but have a short attention span.


A comedy channel run by Soresi&Sass (Megan Sass and Gianmarco Soresi) for SpoiledNYC.


A satirical take on women's media.

HEEB Magazine

I contribute to this magazine on topics such as comedy, comic books, and redheaded snark.


A translation-based theatre company I have been a member of since 2008.

Friends' Links

STB! Webseries

An awesome webseries about hemophilia.

Matt & Sam’s Adam and Eve Discover Things

My friends’ sketch series.

Avi Fox-Rosen’s Music

Another friend’s super sweet music.

Serials @ The Flea

An ongoing episodic theatre festival at The Flea Theatre.